How to Find the Right Doctor for Your Injury

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There are long-term effects when you hurt your body if you do not treat the injury properly. Every injury should always be taken seriously, even if there aren’t any severe complications you’re aware of immediately. Unfortunately, people often have difficulty finding a doctor that’s a good fit for their specific problem.

Maybe the doctors in their area don’t all accept their health insurance, or there are mixed reviews regarding their care. You don’t want to get stuck with a doctor who makes you feel uncomfortable or like you aren’t getting the best care possible. 

Here’s how to find the right doctor for your specific injury without too much stress. 

Don’t Hold Off Medical Care.

Too many people neglect their medical care because they don’t currently have any severe symptoms or complications due to their injury. Especially after an auto accident, it’s essential to have an experienced doctor examine you. 

Some common injuries from a car accident are whiplash, spinal injuries, concussions, and internal bleeding. These injuries going untreated could cause severe complications before you’ve even realized they existed. 

For example, you can get into a car accident and walk away without a single visible wound. However, one of your bones could have fractured and will heal improperly on its own. You may also have internal bleeding that you might overlook until they become severe issues. 

Visit the hospital as soon as possible after a car accident before making arrangements with a specialist. 

Get a Referral for a Specialist

Unfortunately, your primary care physician (PCP) isn’t always the person you need to see when injured. A primary care physician is trained to deal with internal health conditions. They provide general care as a first measure and will pass you on to a specialist if they encounter a situation they aren’t equipped to deal with. 

Most specialists require a referral from your PCP before they will see you. Your insurance may also not provide coverage if you don’t have that referral. 

An emergency room physician or urgent care provider will only write a specialist referral if you’ve recently had emergency care, such as a long stint at the hospital. Your insurance will prefer it to come from your PCP in almost all other cases. 

See a Doctor That Accepts Your Insurance Plan

The type of health insurance you have will factor into what doctors you can see. Without an accepted plan, you could spend hundreds of dollars for a single visit. 

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, PIP knowledgeable doctors can take care of your visit. PIP, or personal injury protection, is a type of no-fault insurance that covers medical expenses regardless of fault. These doctors often have more experience treating car accident victims. 

Those injured on the job may be limited in their health provider if they’re filing a worker’s compensation case. Some states have a specific list of health providers that treat work injuries, while others require you to see a treating doctor chosen by your employee. 

Look Up Online Reviews

Take the time to research all the doctors in your area who accept your health insurance plan. The more local ones won’t always be your best option, and you may have to consider driving further for good healthcare. 

You can look up reviews and patient testimonials online in advance. is one way to find reviews and further information regarding a doctor. You can also see reviews for the overall doctor’s office through Google Maps. 

Finally, check out the practice’s website to see what kind of injuries they treat. Some quick research can help you find a qualified doctor to help you deal with your specific injuries. 

Be Honest About Your Symptoms

It’s essential to be as thorough as possible with your physician. Don’t hold anything back, even if a symptom is something you’ve had for a while. You never know when a minor headache could signify something much worse. 

For example, head trauma could leave you with mild TBI or a concussion. Left for too long, you could develop worse symptoms than you initially experienced. You’ll experience dizziness and nausea that will pass with time at best. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll start feeling more emotional, have trouble paying attention, and suffer severe headaches. The worst thing you can do is leave these symptoms undiagnosed and untreated. 

If you have any danger signs like slurred speech or confusion, seek emergency medical care immediately. 

Don’t Expect Immediate Pain Treatment Results.

There is a window of time in which you must see a state-approved doctor for accident injuries in certain states. If you don’t seek treatment within that period of time, then it could affect your claim. 

Treating interventional pain is a combination of medication and healing the afflicted area. A traumatic rotator cuff injury will heal in a few weeks, but a more severe injury can take months to recover. 

Contact a doctor who can clearly outline your path to recovery, so you know what to expect. They should require multiple follow-ups to check on your injury. Try to avoid doctors who overdiagnose pain medication. 

How to Find the Right Doctor Today

A single hospital visit is often not enough to completely treat every injury. You’ll need to make an appointment with a doctor who can make follow-up appointments and keep track of your recovery. But how do you find the right doctor for your injury?

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