Orlando Chiropractor Changing Lives With Make A Wish Foundation

Orlando Chiropractor Changing Lives With Make A Wish Foundation

Orlando Chiropractors Walking For Wishes Since 2014

The Make A Wish Foundation has been granting children’s wishes since 1980. Since then, the foundation has inspired and brought joy to over 315,000 critically ill children. Consisting of volunteers and donors, Make A Wish grants a wish, on average, once every 34 minutes.

our doctors, and his staff at Momentum Medical, located from the West Coast of Central Florida to the East Coast of Central Florida, have been passionate sponsors of the Make A Wish Foundation through the Walk for Wishes Fundraiser for the past 5 years. Dr. Utter and his staff attended the latest walk event on March 28th, 2019, at Lake Eola. Together, his staff and the other participants, donors, companies, and walkers that attended, helped raise $329,364.01 to grant future wishes.

Dr. Travis has had a soft spot in his heart for the organization since childhood.

“Growing up, I always watched Sports Center. They started airing a segment called My Wish. It was where a wish was granted to a child that involved a professional athlete. I was so moved by each and every one of them, and was blown away by the strength of the children and love and support from the athletes. So much so, that some of the athletes that I couldn’t stand (because they were a rival to a team I liked) became some of the people I look up to the most.”

Orlando Chiropractor Changing Lives With Make A Wish Foundation 2

Dr. Utter called his early inspiration to action in 2014 and decided he wanted to be a part of the movement.

“A friend of mine, Matt Morgan, is the named sponsor for the event. One day at lunch he started telling me about it. I started out as an entry level sponsor the first year, because that’s all I could afford. However, at the event I went to Matt and told him that it was my goal to become the presenting sponsor the following year.

I hit that goal and have been sponsoring at that level ever since. I continue to do it because I love to give. God has blessed me in many ways and being able to give these children and their families an opportunity to make a wish come true is a gift to me. It leaves me with a feeling of wanting to do more and I think if everyone lived like this, the world would be a better place.”

Dr. Travis and his staff believe that not all forms of healing must be a physical, surgical, or medicinal route. Sometimes, compassion and giving something as simple as your time can make all the difference in a child’s life. The body and mind can do amazing things when will and the power to fight are strengthened.

Interested in Becoming a Make A Wish Volunteer?

Find a local chapter to get involved and stay up to date on events happening near you. The Make A Wish Central and Northern Florida chapters serve 45 counties including the Central, Northern, and Space Coast regions.

Visit cnfl.wish.org

Momentum Medical

our doctors and his staff take pride in their community by volunteering and sponsoring local foundations. However, it doesn’t stop there, Momentum Medical are dedicated to providing the best care for their patients and want them to feel like family. Whether you’re experiencing back pain after a car accident and are looking for an auto injury clinic, or just needing an adjustment, contact Momentum Medical today to schedule an appointment.