We Offer the Convenience of Lifesize Telemedicine Visits!

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We are able to provide YOU the quality of an office visit from the comfort of your couch

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine uses the most up to date technology to bring quality medical care to YOU in the safety of your home. With telemedicine, we are able to address YOUR needs remotely for consultations and limited treatment.

When, why, and how to use Lifesize telemedicine visits


  • Preferred staff will contact you to schedule your appointment time
  • Please be available at that time


  • High COVID-19 risk patients
  • See YOUR own physician for follow-up care
  • Avoid the expense of travel


  • Download the Lifesize app
  • The physician will contact you via the LifeSize App
  • Remember: do not have your app open while waiting for the visit
  • Select “tap to answer“ when the call appears

What is Lifesize?

Lifesize is free and instant video calling from your phone or browser. Their video conferencing app works when and where you are. This platform allows providers to stay engaged in patient care while allowing patients to take charge of their healing.