Visiting A Chiropractor for Headaches

chiropractor for headaches

Is there anything that can ruin your day faster than a headache or a migraine? That throbbing, persistent ache makes everything harder, and that’s without getting into the realm of migraines. Do you ever wish there was someone who could snap their fingers and make your headache disappear?

While chiropractors can’t entirely remove your headache with a snap, they can help you ease some of that discomfort. Read on to discover the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for headaches.

Types of Headaches 

Before we get into the benefits chiropractic care can provide for headaches, let’s take a moment to review the different types of headaches. There are three basic types of headaches: cervicogenic, migraine, and tension.

Cervicogenic headaches usually start at the back of your head and move up one side of your body to the front of your head. They may also include pain in your shoulder or arm, and they’re usually the result of an injury.

Migraines are severe headaches that often come with a variety of other symptoms. You may experience dizziness, nausea, auras, sensitivity to light or sound, and other side effects.

Tension headaches are a result of prolonged tension in the neck, shoulders, and head. They often occur during periods of stress, starting in the base of your skull and wraping around to the front of your head. 

Spinal Manipulation 

Spinal manipulation is one of the most common chiropractic treatments for headaches. During this procedure, your chiropractor will apply controlled force to a specific joint in your spine. This can cause a popping sound as the gases in your joint rapidly release.

Your chiropractor will likely focus on your upper spine during this treatment. Spinal manipulation can release tension from your spine and allow your muscles to relax back into their regular positions. However, this treatment can be very dangerous if it is not performed correctly, so be sure to work only with a qualified chiropractor.

Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization can also be a great way to manage headaches. Unlike spinal manipulation, this technique doesn’t involve strong use of force. Instead, your chiropractor will gently move your neck, shoulders, arms, and head.

It would be best if you visited a qualified chiropractor to get proper joint mobilization treatment. They are trained on muscle placement and connectivity and can manipulate your body in ways that help those muscles to release. Your chiropractor will likely focus on manipulating your neck and head when working to treat headaches.

Deep Neck Flexion Exercises

Deep neck flexion exercises also involve manipulating your muscles and joints to help them relax. The difference is that with joint mobilization, you lie still while your chiropractor moves your body. In deep neck flexion exercises, your chiropractor guides you as you move. 

Guiding you through these exercises can provide a few benefits that are great for treating headaches. Actively engaging these deep neck muscles can trigger extraordinary levels of relaxation. You can practice these exercises between appointments to learn control over the tension in your neck muscles.

Neuromuscular Massage 

Neuromuscular massage is fantastic chiropractic treatment for migraines. You may have heard this treatment called trigger point therapy, as it uses certain pressure points in the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Applying pressure to these points can help to relax your muscles, reduce stress, and improve blood flow throughout your body. In some cases, migraines are the result of compressed nerves that send pain signals to your brain. Neuromuscular massage can help to release the pressure on these nerves and ease pain. Make sure your chiropractor is trained in neuromuscular massage, as this is a very precise technique that requires an expert hand.

Low-Load Craniocervical Mobilization

Low-load craniocervical mobilization is a popular technique for tension headache treatment. This treatment is similar to spinal manipulation, although it uses less force. However, it would help if you still visited only qualified chiropractors, as this treatment does come with some level of risk. This treatment applies pressure to the joints of the neck, moving your cervical spine in rhythmic motions. This helps the muscles to relax, alleviating your headache. Many chiropractors will also use stretching exercises during this treatment to help with your relief.

Multidisciplinary Care Intervention 

You might be surprised to learn that a chiropractor can help you to prevent headaches from ever occurring in the first place. Multidisciplinary care intervention allows you to reduce the things that cause your headaches, including everything from lowering your stress levels to changing your diet. Chiropractors can suggest relaxation techniques, physical therapy exercises, and even dietary counseling. They can help you avoid or better manage the triggers that cause your migraines or headaches, whether food or a bad day at work. This kind of general care can be crucial for migraine sufferers. 

Find a Chiropractor for Headaches

Fighting a headache is no fun, and migraines can have a severely detrimental impact on your life. Working with a chiropractor for headaches can help you live a healthier, more pain-free life. Make sure you find a chiropractor who’s trained in the techniques you need since all of the ones we’ve discussed must be executed very precisely. 

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