Discover the Causes of Neuropathy

Neuropathy can be a confusing and often painful condition, affecting nerves in your body and leading to various symptoms. 

But what exactly causes Neuropathy? 

Understanding the reasons behind this condition is the first step toward managing its effects. From diabetes to vitamin deficiencies and beyond, many factors can contribute to the development of Neuropathy. 

We at Momentum Medical are here to support you as you work through these challenges. Together, we will explore the common causes of Neuropathy, which will help clarify this complicated condition and point you toward improved comprehension and care. 

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What is Neuropathy? 

The word “neuropathy” describes a wide range of conditions that affect the nerves and may cause impairments in sensation, movement, and gland and organ function. The causes may vary, including diabetes, infections, and other underlying conditions.

Main Causes of Neuropathy


Diabetes can harm nerves due to high blood sugar. People with diabetes need to check their blood sugar often and live healthily to prevent or slow this nerve damage.

Autoimmune Disorders

Some medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis and Guillain-Barre syndrome, can permanently damage nerves, causing pain. Guillain-Barre syndrome explicitly targets the spinal cord and parts of the brain connected to the nervous system. It is a more complicated condition that needs immediate attention.

Alcohol Use Disorder

Due to the toxins in alcohol that attack nerves, drinking alcohol damages nerves. For those who are affected, giving up alcohol and eating foods high in vitamins can help repair some of the damage.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Vitamins B12, B6, and thiamine are crucial for nerve health. Not getting enough of these can cause severe nerve problems like Neuropathy.

People on strict diets without the right supplements are more likely to lack vitamin B. Including vitamin-rich foods or supplements in one’s diet is vital for preventing related nerve problems.

Other Health Conditions Linked to Neuropathy

Kidney Disease

Uremic neuropathy results from the kidney’s inability to filter out toxins when it is not functioning correctly. Hand and foot pain results from this. The typical way to clean the blood of toxins is through dialysis.

Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism, a common type of thyroid issue, can also lead to Neuropathy. They make the body hold onto too much fluid. This extra fluid presses on nerves, causing pain.

Also, a slow metabolism from thyroid problems affects nerve health. Getting thyroid levels back to normal can improve these symptoms.

Critical Illnesses

Sepsis and serious illnesses can damage the body’s nerves, increasing the risk of Neuropathy the longer one stays in the ICU. Multi-organ failure during a critical illness also severely harms nerve function.

Lifestyle and Environmental Factors


To keep your nerves healthy, avoid lead and mercury, which are harmful toxins. Detoxification could lessen their effects.


Chemotherapy can damage nerves, leading to symptoms that persist after the course of treatment. Modifying dosages and monitoring drug levels can mitigate these side effects. This approach helps manage symptoms effectively.


Some antibiotics and antivirals can harm your nerves, but this usually stops when you stop taking them. Always check your medications with a doctor to avoid this.

Infectious Diseases and Neuropathy


HIV/AIDS can cause nerve damage to the body. It is critical to adhere to prescription guidelines to treat pain effectively.


Shingles is another illness that can cause Neuropathy. Reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus can cause damage to nerves. Pain may continue to be experienced even after the viral rash goes away.  

Managing and Reversing Neuropathy

Although Neuropathy cannot be reversed, it can be managed in the following ways:

Prevention Strategies

It is important to prevent Neuropathy by avoiding its causes, which include eating a balanced diet, giving up alcohol, and selecting wholesome foods. Engage in activities that promote blood flow. The health of the nerves is indicated by good blood flow.

Lifestyle Choices

Smoking can lead to Neuropathy by lowering oxygen and blood flow to the nerves. Choose not to smoke to avoid this. 

Keep an eye on your weight to ensure it stays within the acceptable range for your age. Incorporate regular exercise, yoga, and meditation into your lifestyle to help maintain healthy nerves.

Risk Factors Management

Regular check-ups help catch diseases early, preventing or reducing nerve damage and Neuropathy.

Managing chronic conditions effectively avoids complications that might cause Neuropathy. This includes controlling hypertension or autoimmune diseases through medication and lifestyle adjustments.

Being aware of family history related to genetic predispositions helps in understanding personal risks for Neuropathy. It guides preventive measures and early interventions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neuropathy affected by lifestyle?

Some lifestyle habits, like drinking alcohol and smoking, can increase the risk of Neuropathy.

Can Neuropathy be treated or reversed?

While there is no cure for all the nerve damage caused by Neuropathy, leading a healthy lifestyle can help keep symptoms from getting worse.

What happens if Neuropathy is left untreated?

Neuropathy can cause significant complications if left untreated.

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