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The goal of weight loss isn’t just to look better in your clothes…it’s also to improve your health so you can live a healthier life. A person who is overweight may also experience heart disease, high blood pressure, an increased cancer risk, heart disease, back pain, etc. Enter your details below to see if you could benefit from our weight loss program.

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#1 All Patients MUST Schedule An Appointment.​

Appointments may be scheduled by calling our office and requesting a Weight Loss Initial visit. After your appointment is made, we will email you a lab order and registration form to complete prior to your arrival.

#2 Laboratory Tests Are Required To Personalize Your Weight Loss Program.

Blood work is required for all patients in our program before their initial Weight Loss appointment. We will check your blood sugar levels, blood count, kidney function, liver function and thyroid level (CBC, CMP and TSH). You have the option of having these drawn by your primary care physician (fax, email or bring us a copy of the results if they are not older than 30 days), or by using our lab order at your preferred laboratory prior to your appointment.

#3 Your Office Visit Will Include A Complete Physical Assessment.

Our medical staff will record your measurements of height, weight, body mass index, heart rate and blood pressure. You will be given an EKG to measure your heart’s electrical activity. Your Provider will conduct a physical examination to assess your heart, lungs, and overall health. In addition to your physical health, your Provider will also evaluate your overall motivation, external stressors and barriers to your weight loss goals.

#4 Your Provider Will Develop A Personalized Weight Loss Plan For You.

Upon completion of your physical assessment, you will receive a comprehensive weight loss assessment with a personalized weight loss plan. Your Provider will discuss your weight loss goals, diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes to develop a customized weight loss solution that will be effective and tailored to your needs. Medically qualified patients will have the option to receive a prescription for FDA approved drugs that can suppress appetite and aid in weight loss when combined with diet and exercise. If necessary, you may be given a vitamin B12 injection to help increase your energy levels and overall nutritional status.

#5 Monthly Appointments Are Required.

Your initial visit will last 30 minutes. Monthly 15 minute follow-up appointments are required for status updates, weight and vital checks, new prescriptions, and medication/weight loss plan adjustments.

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